Capital: Accra
Size 239,
25 Million
Currency: Ghana Cedi
Languages: 10
English is an official language.

Hand made Beads Bags



At CENTER FOR WORLD OUTREACH VOLUNEERS ABROARD, we recognize that volunteering for short durations presents challenges for both volunteers and host organizations. Our CFWOVA program is based on the belief that in order to truly make a positive difference we need to do the groundwork in advance to ensure the placement is a good match for the volunteer, the volunteer is adequately prepared for their placement and there is a plan in place to maximize the contribution of the volunteer.
Through our network of CFWOVA and in-country support staff, we do the groundwork necessary to ensure that your volunteer placement is legitimate and genuinely benefits from your assistance. Our close relationship with the placements enables us to effectively connect participants with local organizations, and carefully match skills and interest with specific needs. We make sure your help gets to those who will sincerely benefit from it.
From the moment you complete the application, you have our support. Our city coordinators will answer any pre-departure questions and set you up for the adventure ahead. Once you arrive, our comprehensive orientation and language training will ensure that you are prepared for your volunteer placement, while ongoing 24/7 support ensures that you have the assistance you need, when you need it.
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