Capital: Accra
Size 239,
25 Million
Currency: Ghana Cedi
Languages: 10
English is an official language.

Hand made Beads Bags




Support The Needy Child

Please lend your support for batik and tie & dye

donate to support youth and women empowerment

Please lend your support for beads makin

This 1-week Ghanaian language and cultural immersion program is uniquely designed to help volunteers to acclimatize themselves with the Ghanaian culture... Read more>>

Agricultural Volunteering Childcare Volunteering Conservation Volunteering Medical Volunteering Nursing Volunteer Office Administration Volunteer Public Health Volunteering Special Needs Volunteering Sports and Leadership Volunteering Vocational Training Volunteer Volunteer Teaching Wildlife Volunteering Youth Work Volunteering

An applicant who demonstrates interest in being a Vocational volunteer should be prepared to give tips and instructions that can help others further or begin their career. A volunteer vocational training person would be expected to teach general life skills and may be asked to provide guidance in resumé building, job searches, and job interview preparation.

Persons interested in volunteer vocational training placements should be confident in their communication skills, should be able to present themselves in front of groups, and orchestrate workshops.

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Company Registration Number: CG057022013. Charity Registration Number(TIN): C0002271206