Capital: Accra
Size 239,460sq.km.
25 Million
Currency: Ghana Cedi
Languages: 10
English is an official language.

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This 1-week Ghanaian language and cultural immersion program is uniquely designed to help volunteers to acclimatize themselves with the Ghanaian culture... Read more>>

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Nursing Volunteer placements may entail working in a variety of capacities and will depend on your level of nursing education and your nurse volunteering interest.
As a nursing volunteer or nursing assistant tasks may include: weighing patients, checking vital signs, giving injections, working in the lab, assisting in the pharmacy, caring for in-ward patients, (giving water, applying compresses, assisting doctors), assisting in the out-patient department and updating the medical records.

There is also a great need for nurse volunteering in public health, and educating local populations on a variety of health issues. In the past, many of our public health nurses have provided instruction in topics such as breastfeeding and parental care, as well as malaria prevention, first aid, health and nutrition.

Nursing/Medical volunteer

A nursing student volunteer at the Senchi Health Center in Assuogyaman district may assist nurses in numerous avenues of patient care. The depth of care would depend on the student's educational level & flexibility.

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