Capital: Accra
Size 239,
25 Million
Currency: Ghana Cedi
Languages: 10
English is an official language.

Hand made Beads Bags



CENTER FOR WORLD OUTREACH VOLUNTEERS ABROARD Internship Program assists students in finding suitable and unique internship opportunities in ghana. If you are looking to fulfill a work placement requirement as part of your academic studies Internships in Ghana can provide you with all the information and support you need to find an internship that will work for you. in ghana, our staff is committed to ensuring your placement experience is successful and rewarding for both you and your host organization.
Our internship program works closely with local government and non-governmental organizations, international development organizations and local grassroots groups to set-up and support internship opportunities. Each internship placement has been researched and assessed to determine the type of skills and experience required. Minimum criteria such as language skills are identified so that we can provide interns with an in country training program that prepares them for their internship placement.In addition to finding a suitable placement, our programs also focus on assisting interns with the transition to living and working overseas. Our orientation center and staff are there to assist with any training, extended living arrangements, cultural events and adventure tours so you can enjoy your internship to the fullest.

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Company Registration Number: CG057022013. Charity Registration Number(TIN): C0002271206