Capital: Accra
Size 239,
25 Million
Currency: Ghana Cedi
Languages: 10
English is an official language.

Hand made Beads Bags




Support The Needy Child

Please lend your support for batik and tie & dye

donate to support youth and women empowerment

Please lend your support for beads makin

This 1-week Ghanaian language and cultural immersion program is uniquely designed to help volunteers to acclimatize themselves with the Ghanaian culture... Read more>>


Welcome to Center For World Outreach Volunteers of Ghana (CFWOVA)! We are a leading non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) in Ghana, Africa. Established in 2010, we are dedicated to assisting communities and improving the lives of Ghanaians.

CFWOVA is a Ghanaian nonprofit that builds global partnerships to empower underdeveloped rural communities throughout Ghana. We connect international volunteers with local communities to work together and develop sustainable solutions to education, healthcare, infrastructure and sanitation needs throughout rural Ghana. Whether you’re looking for a long-term volunteer placement or a two-week volunteer vacation, CFWOVA is right for you! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

We are committed to community empowerment, sustainability and mutually respectful partnerships with local and international volunteers.  CFWOVA projects include:
• Construction of schools , libraries, community toilets
• Youth and woman empowerment project
• Health education and promotion
• Community organic backyard gardens
• Scholarships for motivated students in need
• International student volunteer programs
• School Empowerment Project/ (Painting & Repairs)
• Culture Volunteering
• Construction volunteering
• Family Volunteering
• Teaching Volunteering
• Medical volunteering


Cfwova  accomplish it mission by partnering with the local villages, requiring local commitment of land, labour and materials. A true partnership where each community contribute to improve their lives by giving them hope for the future, self-respect and dignity in their own values, personal accountability for their success
When you volunteer abroad, you give a helping hand to poor and under privileged people, communities, and organizations. What many do not realize is that volunteering can also benefit the volunteer:

-Learn something about yourself
-Make new friends
-Discover new ideas
-Build your resume
-Make a difference in the lives of others
-Gain a better understanding of the world
-Have fun!

We offer wonderful opportunities for people to not just visit Ghana, but to contribute their knowledge, skills, and passion to our communities. Volunteering with CFWOVA will give you the chance to deeply experience our culture and build life-long friendships with the local people. Your contributions to the community are highly valued and will make a tremendous difference in the lives of Ghanaian people, especially for children in need.

We have volunteer programs in pre-med student,medicine or computing, you do not need to have an advanced education or special skills to make a difference. Some of our programs for teaching, coaching sports, construction work camp and working with orphanages will make the most use out of your enthusiasm and generosity of spirit.

Center for World Outreach (CFWO) on its own is situated in a tourist zone with so many historical sites and tourist centers around it. It is located in the eastern region of Ghana in the Asougyaman District.

CFWO is situated 20minuites drive from the Akosombo Dam. The Akosombo Dam is where hydroelectric power is generated to feed the whole country with electricity and also other countries such as Togo, Cote D’voire, Burkina Faso, Liberia, Mali, etc are dependent on.
this is situated just 10minuites drive from is one of the oldest bridge in west Africa built by the first president of Ghana(President Doctor Kwame Nkrumah).Under which the Volta river which has its source from Burkina  Faso passes.
This is situated about 5minuites drive form CFWO. The Volta river stretches through the Senchi Ferry where the first ever ferry arrived in the country and was used to transfer vehicles, goods and people. Now ,it has become a commercial place where two new ferries  have been built to carry vehicles, people and goods across to the other side since the Adome bridge that is usually used to cross the river through to the Volta part of the country would be closed for maintenance for two years.

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Company Registration Number: CG057022013. Charity Registration Number(TIN): C0002271206